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Privacy statement

We, adidas Sports (China) Co., Ltd., (adidas) want to give you the best adidas experience possible. We use the information you share with us to make our services and your experience even better. This privacy statement aims to give you a clear view of how we may use your information, our dedication to protect your data and the options you have to control your information and protect your privacy. By using our websites, apps or services, you will be deemed to have consented to adidas’ use and protection of your personal information in accordance with this privacy statement. If you do not agree to this privacy statement or any part hereof, please stop using our websites, apps and services immediately.


We use information for various purposes, such as processing your order, inviting you to our events or for sending you relevant marketing messages. Below we have outlined the information we collect, and how we obtain it from you.

Information you give us

If you sign up for a membership account, we will ask for personal information like your name, e-mail address, telephone number, gender, personal preferences and date of birth.

When you use our services you may provide us with personal information, such as your post address and payment details when ordering from our web shop and your personal information (such as your name, email-address, phone number, gender, personal preference and date of birth, etc.) when signing up for one of our contests or activities. If you have been in contact with our Customer Service we will also register our correspondence.

When you register for our newsletter we will store your email address, so we are able to provide you with regular email updates about the services and products of adidas.

In case you are interested in our newsletter, you can submit your newsletter request in a first step. After this, you will receive an email for confirmation which contains a link that you need to click-on to finish your registration. We use this double-opt-in procedure to ensure that the email-account holder wishes to receive our newsletter. You are free to unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time by using the "unsubscribe" link contained in every newsletter email we send you or by sending us an email or letter.

Lastly, we offer a number of apps which allow you to upload and/or store certain information. Depending on the app, this information may also include sport data and body measurements, such as weight, height and heart rate. We will only use this sensitive information for providing you with the functionality of the app. Any further use of such information will be subject to your explicit and informed consent.

Information we get through your interaction with us

We may also collect information when you interact with our brand, websites and apps and how you use them. This information includes:

  • Websites:We may collect information about the websites that you visit and how you use them. A visit to one of our webpages results in data that is sent from your browser to our servers. This information makes it possible to optimize our services and personalize and improve your experience on our websites and apps. This information includes:

    - Your IP address

    - the date and time of the visit

    - the referral URL (the site from which the visitor has come)

    - the pages visited on our website and actions taken;

    - information about the device and browser (browser type and version, operating system, etc.).

  • Location information:When you use a location-enabled service (for example a running app), we may collect and process information about your actual location, like GPS signals sent by a mobile device. We may also use various technologies to determine location, such as sensor data from your device that may, for example, provide information on nearby Wi-Fi access points, Near Field Communication (NFC) and cell towers. Please note that you can generally disable sending your location through settings in your device or browser, and we will inform you when we make use of location information.

  • Cookies and other identifiers: We and our business partners use various technologies to collect and store information when you visit our websites or use our apps, and this may include sending one or more cookies or other identifiers to your device. Click here if you want to know more about our use of cookies and identifiers and how to disable them.

  • Anonymous Usage of our Website: It is also possible to remain anonymous when you visit our website and to reveal no personal data. In this case, all information collected by us is anonymous and does not directly relate to you. This anonymous information includes (for example) the number of visitors to our website or browsing patterns. We collect and analyse such information to get a better understanding of the interest and needs of our customers, so we can continuously improve our services. To stay anonymous, all you need to do is to disable the cookies and identifiers as mentioned above. In this way, your personal information will not be collected unless you decide to give us such information, e.g. by using our web shop.

Information shared with us by third parties

You may purchase products from adidas stores operated by distributors authorized by adidas, and may use the authorized adidas websites, apps and services operated by distributors or any other third parties authorized by adidas. You will be subject to terms of service and privacy policies of such authorized distributors and third parties when you use websites, apps or services of such distributors or third parties, and you should ask for and carefully read the relevant terms therein. Under certain circumstances (for example, if you sign up as adiCLUB member or enjoy member services via stores or websites operated by authorized distributors or other third parties), authorized distributors or other third parties will share with us all of the personal information and other information relating to you that have been collected by them.

Protection of Minors

adidas endeavours to protect privacy of minors. We do not collect personal information directly from minors, nor do we suggest minors to use our website or services. Please do not sign up for adidas account or send personal information of minors such as minors’ name, address, phone number, email address etc. to us, unless permitted by local law and with minors’ guardians’ consent obtained. If we accidently collect information of minors, we will delete such information as soon as we become aware. We encourage parents and guardians of minors to regularly check and monitor minors’ use of email and participation of other online activities.


In your interaction with us, we use and analyse your information to provide and improve our services, and for the various purposes detailed below:

  • Processing your order:we use information like your name, phone number, address and payment details to process and deliver your order, and to notify you of the status of your order. We may also use your name, phone number, address and payment history to assess your creditworthiness. To bring your ordered goods and services to you, adidas will transfer your personal data to the shipping company that is commissioned with your order delivery to the extent it is necessary for this purpose. Further, as necessary to execute your payments, adidas may transfer your payment details to the credit organizations or the payment service providers we commissioned with processing your payment. Your bank card data will be collected and processed directly by the payment service providers. adidas does not store any bank card data.

  • Customer service:if you contact our Customer Service (or vice versa), we will use information such as your order information and contact history to process your request and provide you with the best service possible.

    Other adidas services:we use your information to provide you with adiCLUB member services and other services you have requested from us, such as promotions, events and apps. This may include accumulating member points and providing you with other membership benefits, processing your submission in contests and promotions, using your contact details for events and using information like your location for our mobile apps (such as running apps).

  • Marketing: either by creating an adidas account and consenting to our use of your information, or by ordering our products or services online, we may use your information to send you personalized marketing messages, and for survey and research purposes. Below you can find a more detailed description of the information we use and how we use it:

    - What kind of information: the way you interact with our brand provides us valuable information about your interests and preferences. Insight in this gives us the opportunity to offer you the best adidas experience possible. To learn about you and your interests, we analyse your overall interactions with our brand using various kinds of information, such as your age, location, your purchase orders with adidas and your product reviews, your social media accounts, and which apps and websites you use and how you use them. If you have consented thereto, we will use that information for sending you personalised commercial messages about adidas products, events and promotions. We will also use your aggregated information for creating aggregated reports about how consumers use our products and experience our brand.

  • - What kind of channels: when you provide us with contact details (such as your email, phone number, or social media account), we ask your permission to use them to send you our personalised marketing communications. If you no longer want to receive messages on a particular channel, such as SMS, we will offer you an easy way in our messages to unsubscribe from receiving such messages. You can also request to unsubscribe by contacting our Customer Service. Please note that some of our (mobile) apps might also send you messages, including (if you have given your permission to do so) push messages (for instance about new products when you are nearby our stores). You can disable these messages through the settings in your phone or the app, or choose to delete the app to stop receiving the messages.

  • - What kind of messages: the messages we send you will be personalized and they will be tailored to your individual preferences and interests (as described above). The direct marketing messages may contain advertisement information about our products and services, events or promotions and adidas news. We may also use the channels for survey and research and to learn about your experience with our adidas.

  • Other purposes: insofar required by law, we will ask for your consent if we wish to use your information for other purposes than those listed in this privacy statement.


Fair play and transparency are important to us. We want to be transparent about the information we collect and we aim to offer you clear options to access your information, edit or delete it, or exercise any other rights you might have with respect to your information.

Access and correction of information
  • Insofar you have ordered products or services or registered an account with us, you can access a lot of your information through our website. Our website generally presents you with the option to revise or update information we have about you.

    Insofar any information we might have about you is not accessible through our website, you can send us a request for access to this information at no costs through our Customer Service:


  • After receiving your request, we will verify your identity and provide you with an overview of the information we have about you. This overview will include the purposes for which the information is being used, its recipients and the origin of the information.

    Upon receiving this information, you may opt to exercise your rights, such as requesting amendments to certain information that is incorrect or blocking or removing information.

Opting out and unsubscribing

All our marketing communications contain an easy way to opt out from receiving future messages, such as a link through which you can unsubscribe. You may also opt out for particular channels (for example email or SMS) as indicated in the message received in such channel. Some of our (mobile) apps might also send you messages, including push messages. You can disable these messages through the settings in your phone or the app, or choose to delete the app to stop receiving the messages.

If you want to opt out from all of our messages and the use of your information for marketing purposes altogether you may request to use the unsubscribe link contained in the messages you had received or alternatively you could contact our Customer Service at or by phone at 400-880-1515*9.


Our website and apps use re-targeting technologies. This enables us to show our visitors, who were already interested in our shops and our products, advertisements from us on business partners’ websites. We believe that the display of a personalised, interest-based advertising is more interesting for our customers than advertising that does not have a personal connection.

We also work with other companies who use tracking technologies to serve advertisements on our behalf across the Internet. These companies may collect information about your visits to our website or apps and your interaction with our communications, including advertising.

Re-targeting technologies analyse your cookies and display advertisement based on your past surfing behaviour. Please click here for further information on cookies and instructions on how to disable re-targeting.


We are committed to protect your information and have taken appropriate and systematic technical measures to protect your information against any loss, alteration, unauthorized access or disclosure or misuse.


  • If you have any questions about our use of your information, how to exercise your rights or about our privacy statement you are welcome to contact us at:

    Customer service


  • if you prefer to contact us by regular mail, please send your request to the following address: 31/F, Tower 1, Shanghai ICC, No. 999, Middle Huaihai Road, 200031, Shanghai.


adidas has pledged to adhere to the fundamental principles of privacy and data protection. We therefore regularly review our privacy statement in order to ensure that it is free of errors and clearly visible, that it contains all the required information and that it is implemented in full and is in line with the data protection principles. This privacy statement may be changed from time to time in order to keep pace with new business developments and opportunities, and to stay in line with prevailing legislation. Significant changes to the policy will be announced on adidas official website, which will come into force upon announcement. Please regularly check this privacy statement in order to keep yourself posted of the relevant amendments in a timely manner. If you continue to use our website, apps or services after effectiveness of relevant amendments, you are deemed to have fully accepted these amendments.