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Return Policy

  • 1. 7 Days No Reason to Return 

    You can apply for the return of a product purchased from adidas Official Site without having to specify any reason within 7 days starting from the next day of your receipt of the product (determined by the date when relevant receipt is signed). Please note your return application will be accepted by us only if the returned product satisfies “Conditions for Return” as described below and does not fall within the scope of“Return Exceptions”.

    Same rules apply to products on sale and products sold in promotions.

  • 2. Return of Products with Quality Issue

    You can request to return any product purchased from adidas Official Site that has quality issue within 3 months as from the date of purchase. It is our policy to accept return application as long as the “Conditions for Return” described below are satisfied and the quality issue is confirmed by our after-sale service center after inspection. To respect the legitimate rights and interests of the consumers, we will comply with the requirements under the law of the People’s Republic of China as well as our applicable return policies.

    Please note:

    a) The followings are not deemed as quality issues: small threads, rough edges (common in apparels), color difference as a result of difference in monitors (color difference is inevitable in different monitors), thickness (thickness is subject to personal opinions and thus cannot be ascertained), sewing, hand feeling and other details in clothes.

    b) If you request to return product on the ground of style, color, change in personal will or preference, etc., such request will not be accepted and handled as return of products with quality issue.

    c)If a product is damaged as a result of improper use, cleansing, maintenance or care, or modification or alteration by yourself, or other human factors, such damage is not regarded as a quality issue.

    d) If you purchase miadidas products or products customized using personalization or other customization service, certain differences may exist in terms of color, location of customized contents and other aspects between the real product and the product pictures displayed on computer, due to the nature of the customization technology, image acquisition, display technology and other technical reasons. Besides, the customized products may have or bear residual materials, imprinting marks, and other appearance defects. The foregoing differences and defects are not regarded as quality issues, and we will not entertain request to return these products on such basis.

    e)If there is a clear reminder of the flaw(s) on a product at the time of purchase, such flaw is not deemed as quality issue, and we will not entertain request to return the product on such basis.

    f) When choosing size, please refer to the sizing chart and choose a size that fits you. Customer Service only provides suggestions, which shall not serve as a basis for your final decision. If you request to return products on the ground of sizes, such request will not be accepted and handled as return of products with quality issue.

    g)There may be inevitable errors in size measurements. For actual size parameters, please refer to the real products.

  • 3. Conditions for Return 

    a) The applicable time limit for the return of the product has not expired;

    b)The product is maintained intact, unused, unwashed, unmodified, untainted with stains or cosmetics etc., and shall be in a condition suitable for resale;

    c)The outer packaging of product remains intact (including external packaging boxes or bags, and for this purpose, please do not paste any adhesive tape on our shoebox; instead, please put extra box and bag outside of our shoebox) and the accessories, instructions, hangtags, labels and tags, etc. are maintained in a complete manner;

    d)The invoice, if issued, shall be returned together with the product(s) for which the invoice is issued. If you lose the invoice, your request to return will not be entertained; and

    e)When returning a product, the complimentary gift(s) offered along with the product (if any) shall also be returned to us in the original condition as the gift(s) was(ere) given to you. If you fail to return the gift(s), we have the right to request you to pay for the gift(s) at the price that we indicated.

  • 4. Return Exceptions

    We will not entertain request of return with respect to the following products or situations:

    a)Products not purchased from adidas Official Site;

    b)Customized products that have no quality issue;

    c)Underwears and socks that have no quality issue;

    d)Products that have been used, cleansed, modified or altered (such as modification in size), tainted or damaged, or whose hangtag have been removed or cut, or that are in any other condition not suitable for resale;

    e)Any request for return if the corresponding invoice issued at purchase is lost;

    f)Product that has exceeded the applicable time limit for return;

    g)Any request to return product(s) on the ground of flaws for which there was a clear reminder at the time of purchase;

    h)Other situations in which customers have been clearly notified in writing that return is unacceptable, or in which customers are not entitled to any return in accordance with applicable law.

    Products purchased from adidas Official Site cannot be returned at any physical store, and vice versa.

  • 5. Points and Coupon Rules for Return from adiCLUB Members:

    a)If you are a member of adiCLUB, you may gain points in accordance with adiCLUB Rules when you make purchases at the adidas Official Site during the period as described in adiCLUB Rules. If and after a successful return in accordance with this policy, the points you gained for purchase of the returned product will be automatically deducted.

    b) If a member of adiCLUB uses coupon at purchase in accordance with adiCLUB Rules and then requests for a return, we will refund to the adiCLUB member the amount equal to the sales price at purchase minus the coupon discount. Furthermore, (1) if the member uses ordinary coupon converted from points, the coupon will be converted back to points (RMB 1 Yuan coupon for 10 points) and returned to the member’s account; while (2) any other coupon used by the members (such as birthday coupon, anniversary coupon, upgrading coupon, promotional coupon, etc.) will not be returned in any form.

    c) You cannot gain points from cash discount or any amount set off by coupons or discount vouchers, and therefore will not be entitled to the return of any points when you return the product.

    d) When adiCLUB member uses an ordinary coupon to purchase more than one products in accordance with adiCLUB Rules, the coupon discount amount will be allocated to each of the products in proportion to their respective sales prices at the time of purchase. If only part of the purchased products are returned, we will refund to the adiCLUB member the amount equal to the sales price of the returned product(s) at the time of purchase minus the coupon discount amount allocated to such returned product(s). The coupon discount amount allocated to such returned product(s) will be converted to points and returned to the member’s account on a ratio of RMB1: 10 points (any discount amount less than RMB 1 will not be converted into points nor be returned in any other form).

    e)There might be one-day delay in returning the points to the member’s account. For any bronze and above members, if convertible points in the member’s account exceed 500 after the points are returned to the account, such points will be automatically converted into ordinary coupon and deposited in the member’s account.

    f)Please refer to adiCLUB Rules for details of points and coupon rules for adiCLUB members.

Return Process

For detailed return process, please refer to Help Center or contact Customer Service.

To facilitate timely processing of your return request, please write down the reason for your return on the shipping list of adidas Official Site and send it back together with the product(s). If you lost the shipping list, please write down buyer’s name, order number, article number and quantity of the returned product, reason for return etc. on a blank paper. In addition, you shall clearly specify the product information such as article number, color, size, etc. of the product that you intend for return and your detailed address for receipt of delivery.

Shipping and Shipping Fees of Return

Please note that we do not accept any return by ground mail, registered mail or freight collect courier. Except for return due to quality issue, you shall bear shipping fees for return.

To ensure the safety of the product(s) couriered by you, please make sure to choose a courier company that allows us to open and inspect the package upon delivery.

Time for Refund

For any returned product that satisfies the conditions and requirements for return upon our confirmation, we will initiate the refund of actual amount you paid for the product via the same payment method that you used within 7 days after our receipt of the returned product, save that:

a) If you participated in “money-off” or other promotional activities at the time of purchase, and you would not be entitled to participate in these activities after product return, we have the right to calculate the prices payable by you based on sales prices of respective products at the time of purchase, and deduct relevant difference from the amount to be refunded to you;

b) If you enjoy free shipping when your purchase meets our criteria and such criteria would not be met after product return, we will be entitled to deduct the shipping fee from the amount to be refunded to you.

The amount of time it takes for the refund to hit your account depends on the return method. When you will receive the refund varies among banks and payment platforms, which may take 10-15 working days.

If your purchased product does not satisfy the conditions and requirements for return, we will contact you and send the product back to you via freight collect courier.